“Solidarity is beyond fraternity; fraternity is a mere human notion, while solidarity is a universal one.”, Victor Hugo, Philosophic Prose


The mission of Solidarité France-Bulgarie is to foster bilateral solidarity, beyond friendship between the two peoples of France and Bulgaria.
We offer opportunities to all interested parties from both countries to put French-Bulgarian solidarity projects into action.

In response to the news, SFB also supports the Syrian refugees (Harmanli camp) through various donations: Make a donation to SFB to support these actions.

  • SFB Association: Who are we ?

    Founded in April 2001 by Daniel PICHOT. SFB has been registered at the Paris Prefecture in May 2001. Thirteen years of effective projects and actions !


  • What are our projects ?

    Solidarité France-Bulgarie’s operations are divided into three main categories : One-time, Recurring, and Sustainable (long term).

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  • What are our resources ?

    SFB relies on professional management and communications skills, and on a network as powerful in France as in Bulgaria.     

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  • Support us with a donation

    SFB is not subsidized.
    Your donations are our only resource.
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Take action !

“Solidarity is beyond fraternity; fraternity is a mere human notion, while solidarity is a universal one.” – Victor Hugo, Philosophic Prose – Victor Hugo took action and showed solidarity with the Bulgarian people in 1876, when it was being subjected to terrible repression by the Ottoman Empire. Today, take action too ! Donate or join SFB !

  • Our projects

    We prefer operating with a long-term vision, which enhances or establishes individual autonomy. Respect for human dignity is corollary to autonomy. However, circumstances sometimes dictate immediate decisions from SFB, when the Bulgarian economic situation demanded assistance. SFB also helped financing equipment in a specialized school for mentally handicapped in Lovech, and procured computers. Another project is led in cooperation with SOLIDARI’TERRE for Bulgarian orphans (Lovech et Haskovo)...
    ...Our projects

    Social and economic development : encouraging partnerships, which aim at creating value, through for example the cultural heritage promotion. Touristic development projects can lead to create sustainable jobs, as the Puy-du-Fou in the Vendée region has shown. Twice, SFB has initiated contact between Bulgarian personalities and managers of great French live shows. SFB also contributed to the creation of the Sounds and Lights show in Lovech. SFB is willing to support future similar projects, ensuring its sustainability, which would generate value, and jobs creation.

    SFB leaders are concerned about the fate of the ROMA minority in Bulgaria and believes that education should be one of the first drivers to improve the situation of these people. With our friends from DRITA school in Simeonovo, applying the French method developed by Célestin Freinet, known as the Modern School, we have the dream to see its expanding in Bulgaria because it would significantly help the children appetence to go to school ... More generally, the issue is accessing to culture. In this area, we can also underline the computing equipment given for Centers of Culture in partnership with Société Générale Expressbank.

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