Support for Syrian refugees

Harmanli , a city in the first line to host Syrian refugees

Harmanli city of 7,000 inhabitants near the Turkish border, is first in line to welcome Syrian refugees .

The camp in which are undocumented migrants is built for 400 people. It currently houses 1,200 people.

100 bungalows offered to host 400 refugees have recently been supplemented by tents provided by international organizations.

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Relay reliable Action SFB

SFB has reliable relay action in this city and intends to support the efforts of social services.

The point of contact is Nathalia Drexharova, responsible for these social services and respected in Harmanli for her tireless dedication.

The active support of SFB

The support of SFB is realized through various actions:

  • SFB recently donated 500 euros (1,000 leva) to allow Nathalia Drexharova to complete aid for the Syrians refugees.
  • This money helped to purchase oil and tomato sauce in large quantities, to enhance the gift of humanitarian organizations which had previously sent rice and pasta .
  • Essential items were also purchased : soaps, plastic bowls , clothes , diapers, toilet paper … There is still much to be done on specific needs : clothes, etc. .
  • For Syrian refugees, even these small actions , giving answers to their specific needs , are greatly appreciated.

The SFB association wants to do better and can do better with your help.

For this, make a donation to support our actions to SFB .

How to make a donation to support our actions?

  • By check and mailing :

Send your check to the headquarters of the Association:

SFB , Maison des Associations , PO Box 26 , 181 Avenue Daumesnil , 75012 Paris , France .

  • By bank transfer to the account of SFB :

IBAN: 42559 00003 21026772303 10


  • Online by credit card with Paypal: click the button below .