Donations are allocated to the humanitarian operations of the association, including current Syrian refugees camp in Harmanli.

How to make a donation to support our actions?

  • By check:

Send your check to the office of the Association :

SFB / co Daniel Pichot, 6 rue Lounes Matoub 93300 Aubervilliers.

  • By bank transfer to the account of SFB:

IBAN FR76 4255 9000 0321 0267 7230 310


  • Online credit card with Paypal: click the button below.

3 moral reasons to support SFB:

• You love Bulgaria and Bulgarians. • You are well aware of Bulgaria’s economic and social difficulties. • You wish to contribute thanks to an organisation with proven experience.

Your donation to SFB, whatever its amount, will be used to support humanitarian projects led by the association.

2 rational reasons to join SFB:

• Because we keep low running costs (less than 4% in the past years), as they are mainly supported by the board members, in order to funnel donations to the core humanitarian cause.

• Because humanitarian operations’ costs are regularly reviewed, with document-based and on-the-spot checks.   Finally, all conducted projects’ strong points and weaknesses are assessed, and recommendations are issued.

A transparent and comprehensive information:

• The financial statements are presented at the annual General Assembly, together with the moral report, which presents the on-going projects. The General Assembly’s minutes are published online, on the association’s website.

• Any donator may request additional financial details at the General Assembly. However, the board members commit to satisfy  to the best of his ability information requests issued by any donator at any time outside the Assembly. Dernier PV – AG, ici (Last General Assembly Report, French version)